And the price is down again

So I've had the price for First Time Fuck Buddies up at $3.49 for the last six days now, and it's going back down again. It's clear $3.49 is too high for a sale of an unknown author peddling a short erotic story. In fact, it's been down to $2.99 on the Amazon sites for more than a day now already, and that's not doing anything for sales either.

This was expected, but it was nice to see this bear out. I sold pretty consistently at ¢99 on Amazon and Smashwords, without doing much of anything to promote it. I think most sales were from people browsing and making impulse decisions to buy because of the low price.

So now the price is back down again to ¢99. Go get it at the usual places: First Time Fuck Buddies.

Of course, you can still also preview the full ebook for free here from this site…

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New Books Section

Instead of writing today (something I've been doing too little of in the last days at any rate), I added a new section to this website: Books. There's a link to it in the site-header all the way up in the top right corner. Or there should be.

Right now it's still pretty empty, as I've only published the one book: First Time Fuck Buddies.

I hope, now that I've gotten this itch out of my system, I'll finally feel like sitting down with the first draft of my second short erotic story I finished a while ago. It's been sitting in the top drawer at my bedside for a while now. Waiting for the first editing round. Soon. I hope.

So go take a look, and check back soon for new entries!

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Price is (going) back up

The ¢99 price for First Time Fuck Buddies is no more. I just adjusted the price on Goodreads, Smashwords and on Amazon. On Amazon the change takes some time, so if you hurry you may be able to snag it for ¢99 still: try Amazon US or Amazon UK.

Now, I'm doing the reverse experiment. I started out pricing it at $2. Now it's up for $3.49.

On Amazon US I did see some movement when it was priced lower, but that could also have been because I added tags just about around the time I lowered the price. So I don't really know. I've sold more than I expected. But it's still a thrill each time I see that I've sold another one, so you can imagine it's not paying my bills. Yet.

There are two things I'd like to comment on. First, I've now sold into the double digits on Amazon US, but not a single one on Amazon UK. I wonder why that is. I do admit to adding tags to the UK site later, but it's been a while now, so I don't think that's the cause of the total silence in the British Isles.

Are UK readers not that into romantic erotica? Short erotica? Erotica period? I really doubt it, so maybe the cover is wrong for the UK? Dunno. I might have to experiment with that, except it isn't possible (as far as I know) to have a different cover for different regions in Kindle Direct Publishing.

Second, my “read–it–all–first—decide–what–to–pay–after” setup seems a bust. I've seen a number of downloads (also into the double digits, in fact), but no donations. Now, that could be because all these downloaders decided that it wasn't worth anything to them. That's fine. That was the whole point.

But maybe not. I'd like to think that in a sample that size there would be at least someone who thought it was worth something to them. So, did they decide to do something else besides donate a buck to me? As I explained in my original announcement, there are lots of ways to ‘pay’ a writer for their work. So maybe they announced that they liked it on Twitter or Facebook. Maybe they made a comment on their weblog, or someone else's. If so, I'd like to thank them, but if they did, they've remained anonymous, so I can't.

Anyway, this is not a complaint. Or an announcement I won't be providing my full ebooks for download here on this site from now on. Just something I'd like to understand better.

So if you have any insight to share, or just want to comment, or want to say hi, head over to the single post page for this entry and leave a comment there. That's what it's there for! ;)

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