Writer. Avid reader.

I write erotic romance, or romantic erotica. I read those genres a lot, too.

Themes might venture into the dark and kinky, so if that's not your cup of tea, find somewhere else to get your fix. Although, I will always clearly label everything you find here, so you'll be able to skirt the stuff you're not interested in.

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I am Cecilia Lansing.

Trying out this erotica writing thing. Find links to my stories here.

I miss Firefly

This QA with Nathan Fillion at Dallas Comic Con is great; maybe I should start watching Castle...

Ebook Pricing

Dean Wesley Smith highlights a comment from his blog on ebook pricing.

John Scalzi on bad publishing contracts

John Scalzi speaking out against bad book contracts.

Rambling, and a work in progress excerpt

An excerpt from my novel–length wip and a shameless cry for attention.

Writing Workspace

I'm missing out on writing hours because I haven't set up a good workspace for myself at home.