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Necromancy Isn't Dead

It's been a tad quiet here for a while…

Let's see if I can bring this site back from the dead…

Starting full of hope and determination at the end of 2011, it didn't really ever fully get up to speed. I didn't, that is.

But I'm full of hope and determination again, starting in 2018! And missing one key ingredient: a job.

Yep, I quit my regular day job. Looking at my finances I decided I had enough of a buffer to spin it out for about a year, so I took the plunge. I realize I'm in a very lucky position to be able to do that.

Since the start of this year I've been working on writing, writing, and writing. It's been going quite well, I've written over 25.000 words. I've finally found my way around the plot for one of my long worked-on stories, making good progress. This one seems to be heading towards a short novel length. We'll see.

I've also nearly finished the second short ebook in a series I started in 2012. And finally decided on the series title for that series. In the coming days I'll re-issue the first ebook with a new title, and a few days later I'll release the second ebook. I'll post about it here when the time comes.

So, for now, that's it: I'm back and I hope to make it work this time...

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Support Indie Authors

From Tessie L'Amour comes this very simple but effective way you can support your favourite indie author that won't cost you any money.

Like I try to tell people elsewhere on this site, there are tons of ways you can help out us indie authors. From a simple tweet, to a blog post, or buying our books.

But recently Tessie came up with this simple way you can help us with actual money, while not having to part with one (extra) cent of your cash.


When you're about to buy something from Amazon, go through this page at Tessie's website and click through one of the links there. Choose your favourite author, or just randomly pick one, whatever floats your boat.

And then go on your merry way and buy Amazon stuff until you're blue in the face. You don't have to spend an extra cent beyond what you were going to spend on your purchases anyway, but your chosen author gets some money for each purchase you make, because you ended up at Amazon through their link. Great, huh? I actually do this already with the links on this site that take you to Amazon. This way I already made a little extra money, and from purchases that had nothing to do with my ebooks either.

So, head over to Tessie's website and bookmark that page. Next time you're feeling a shopping spree coming on, keep us indie authors in mind…

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March 2012 Update

It's been a bit silent here for a while. I finished a new draft on a short erotic story (actually the first in a series) a while ago, but put it aside and for some reason I haven't felt like starting up on the editing and revising process on that one. I'll let it lie a little longer.

I've also been on holiday, so I was out of the country and away from internet and my keyboard. But now I'm back, with a couple of new ideas running around in my head.

Today I found myself starting a completely different short erotic story. But the lead-up to the actual naughty bits is taking a lot longer than I planned. Not that that is by default wrong or something, but I might need to rethink the story once I get through writing down the first draft.

Anyway, still #amwriting, just not as fast as I had hoped when I started out on this adventure. But come back. I'll have something new up. Promise. Just don't know when.

Meanwhile, if you haven't already, check out my first released short story: (removed).

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New Books Section

Instead of writing today (something I've been doing too little of in the last days at any rate), I added a new section to this website: Books. There's a link to it in the site-header all the way up in the top right corner. Or there should be.

Right now it's still pretty empty, as I've only published the one book: (removed).

I hope, now that I've gotten this itch out of my system, I'll finally feel like sitting down with the first draft of my second short erotic story I finished a while ago. It's been sitting in the top drawer at my bedside for a while now. Waiting for the first editing round. Soon. I hope.

So go take a look, and check back soon for new entries!

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Well, that's a good start to the new year.

January 1st, 2012: failed to keep promise to self to publish first story before end of 2011.

You know what, though?

I'm perfectly all right with that. Because the reason is that during an edit I basically rewrote the whole first half of the short story I was planning to publish through Kindle Direct Publishing. And the result is a lot better than before the rewrite.

So now I just need to go through it all one last time to get all those lingering typos squashed. Soon!

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Grand Opening

This is just a Public Service Announcement that I launched this website. A bit redundant, because if you're reading this, you already know that.

I've been very busy with all manner of preparations now that I finally decided I am a writer a few weeks ago. Just so you know. I'm officially a writer now. Because I said so.

So there.

For some strange reason I've been very busy ever since. I thought this writer gig was supposed to be untold riches flowing in without too much blood, sweat and tears. I want my money back!

Not really, though. I actually feel better about myself and what I've been doing now that I finally decided I'm going to do what I want to do, instead of agonizing over whether I should start looking for that nicer, better job again. So I'm going to slog on at my current job, which is okay, while I set myself up as a self-publishing author.

Here's to the future, eh?

Where I'm at now

I've actually managed to find time every day to write since I started, which is hopeful. The last few days have seen a sharp drop in my word count, though, but that's because my time has been sunk into projects like this website, so that's okay.

I've finished editing a first short story, on paper with a pen, so I now need to update the file on my computer with all the changes. I hope to finish that soon, so I can put out my first short story!

Meanwhile I've been working on a second somewhat longer story. Although I'm not sure what the length will be, it's looking to be quite a bit longer than the first (which hovers around 7000 words, by the way).

I've also broadly outlined a third, which I think I'd like to flesh out to full novel length. Haven't started writing on that one yet.

So, check back here soon to see if I kept the promise I made myself to start publishing stories before the end of the year!

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I am Cecilia Lansing.

Writer of erotica.


Find links to my ebooks here.


The Discovering Alice Series

The first ebook in the new Discovering Alice series has been released.

The Libertine Explorations Series

The first two ebooks in the new Libertine Explorations series have been released.

Necromancy Isn't Dead

After a long time I'm going to try to revive this website...

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