The Discovering Alice Series

A new series!

The first book is called "Should have Guessed Her Name", and it is available at all Amazon stores.

Bad luck? Or…

Alice is tricked into signing the contract. Unable to comprehend all that that encompasses—and not given the time, anyway—Alice is whisked off to her first assignation.

Brandon is woken from deep sleep by a strange woman. How did the two women get into his bedroom? A closer look reveals one of them to be Alice. The one that got away.

His brain has painted a nice scenario for him to enjoy. The proposal the strange woman throws at his feet can't be real. He just goes with the flow, and plays out one of his favorite fantasies on Alice. Although, judging by her responses, she's just as much into it.

When it seems over, Alice has no time to process it all, as the Mystery Woman is there to take her off to the next ex.


Find out what happens next in the soon to be release second book in the Discovering Alice series.

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I am Cecilia Lansing.

Writer of erotica.


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